New Study: Why Sales Isn’t Using Marketing’s Content (& How to Fix It)

You have a great sales team: check. You have a great marketing team: check. The marketing team generates content for the sales team: check. The sales team uses the content: wait… they didn’t? If this is a phenomenon you have experienced, you are not alone. Reasons Why Sales Isn’t Using Marketing’s Content MarketingCharts shared the […]

4 Easy Methods of Repurposing Content

  “Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply add more wheels to the machine? – Neil Patel You’re spending 30% of your marketing budget on content marketing – but are you seeing the ROI you want? Are you producing enough? Or are there still holes in your editorial calendar? Get more bang for your buck […]

The Handy Guide to Repurposing Content

Content. People keep calling it “King” and telling you how much you need it. We’re not giving it a fancy title, but we do agree that you need content. And most of it needs to be your own – as in original, not curated. And it should be rich in relevant information, keywords, and visual […]

Lunch & Learn – 5 Keys to Marketing Automation Success

Recently a group of marketing professionals from a variety of industries met at the HyperX Media corporate offices to participate in our latest Lunch & Learn event. This month’s topic, 5 Keys to Marketing Automation Success, provided valuable insights and dispelled myths of what marketing automation can do for their businesses. HyperX Media CEO Jeff […]

Content Marketing: Get the MORE You Want In 2013

Well here we are, knee deep in January 2013. Many of us have our New Year’s resolutions still firmly in place, with each goal focused on making the most of 2013.  What will you be doing different this year, this month, this week and today to ensure that when 2013 closes, you’ll be standing as […]