Get Responsive or Get Lost: You Need Responsive Design

  Mobile browsing now surpasses desktop browsing in at least ten major countries, including the U.S. and Japan. Google says that “89% of global smartphone owners make use of Google search on their handset.” Unless you’ve been cozied up under a rock, you’ve heard about Google’s increasing focus on mobile-friendly search. Google prioritizes user experience […]

Rich Media Game Banner Ads

We’ve had the opportunity this year to produce more game banner ads for our clients. These banner ads were designed to increase engagement with the client’s brand, though they also had the effect of decreasing productivity on a few afternoons. Here are a few of our favorite examples: Big-O Tires – Stop on a dime […]

Interpreting Average Visit Duration

How long a visitor spends on your site (Average Visit Duration) has generally been considered an indication of how successful your display banner advertising campaign is in attracting relevant visitors.  The longer someone spends on your site, the more interested they are in what you’re offering.  But is it really that simple? “What if the […]

How to Properly Display Videos on your Website

It wasn’t too long ago that adding a self-hosted video to a website was easy. Just encode the .flv, throw in some code, and voila – you’ve got a video on your website. Then came the iPhone, iPad, and other devices that do not support Flash content. Fortunately, with the proliferation of video sharing sites, […]

The Continued Emergence of Digital Media

A recent Forrester Research study, an independent research company that provides advice to global leaders in business and technology, shows that interactive marketing/advertising spending will top $77 Billion by 2016! Other telling stats in the study that show the healthy and growing behavior of online marketing include the rise of both social media and display media. […]

Ve Vant Yur Blood

HyperX Media has teamed up with ARUP Blood Services a component of ARUP Laboratories; an enterprise of the University of Utah and its Department of Pathology to increase the number of blood donors in the local area. More specifically HyperX and ARUP are trying to get people to donate for ARUP’s Blood Donors for Babies […]