Top 6 Ways B2B Healthcare Companies Should Use Marketing Automation

B2B healthcare companies are adopting marketing automation at a blistering rate. Are you? Since healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries — with no sign of slowing down — B2B healthcare companies are faced with the need to make their sales and marketing processes as efficient and effective as possible in order to stay […]

New Study: Why Sales Isn’t Using Marketing’s Content (& How to Fix It)

You have a great sales team: check. You have a great marketing team: check. The marketing team generates content for the sales team: check. The sales team uses the content: wait… they didn’t? If this is a phenomenon you have experienced, you are not alone. Reasons Why Sales Isn’t Using Marketing’s Content MarketingCharts shared the […]

The Easy Bake Oven of Marketing Persona Creation

Rarely is anything in marketing fast, easy, or convenient. For any given project, you’re compiling data and KPIs, assessing UX, scoring leads, tweaking SEO, tightening up your calls to action, and more. Oftentimes, it feels like you’re cooking up a five-course dinner when you wish the process was more like instant ramen. It’s the same […]

3 Setup Tips for Acing Marketing Automation Reporting

Okay, you finally got the approval to buy some marketing automation software – now what? Using marketing automation software means you now have a wealth of tools at your disposal, so the smart move is to make sure they’re all working for you. Here are three tips for setting up your marketing automation reporting so […]

Data Cleansing: Why Tidying Up Is Crucial to Marketing Automation

Are you fumbling with your marketing automation software? If you’re hearing complaints that an email campaign went out to the wrong contacts or you’re finding discrepancies in your reporting, it’s likely that your data is to blame for some of your problems. In fact, database cleanliness is one of the most common causes of marketing […]

Lunch & Learn – 5 Keys to Marketing Automation Success

Recently a group of marketing professionals from a variety of industries met at the HyperX Media corporate offices to participate in our latest Lunch & Learn event. This month’s topic, 5 Keys to Marketing Automation Success, provided valuable insights and dispelled myths of what marketing automation can do for their businesses. HyperX Media CEO Jeff […]