Bridging The Most Common Marketing Automation Pitfalls

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Bridging The Most Common
Marketing Automation Pitfalls

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Marketing automation is fraught with unexpected dangers. Download our free webinar to learn how to avoid and escape the most common perils.

HyperX Media’s team of marketing automation experts have been hunting down and eliminating marketing automation missteps since its infancy. From small implementation errors to huge strategic blunders, we’ve seen it all.

Along our journey, we’ve identified many prevalent mistakes that can lead to ruin in one form or another, so we assembled our top ten list to assist you through the perilous jungle.

Download our free webinar recording and learn how to spot and avoid the common traps that plague your marketing automation system.

Pitfalls covered will include:

  • Misaligned key stakeholders
  • Missing or undocumented strategy and processes
  • Duplicate lead and contact creation
  • Faulty sync, flow and segmentation rules
  • Defective lead scoring and prioritization
  • Broken or incomplete lead source attribution

We also accompanied all our tips with real-world horror stories and correlative remedies for each situation.


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Mark your calendar!

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On Demand
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The Marketing Automation Shortfall


90% of marketers agreed that integrated marketing technology could boost their key capabilities, yet only 4% reported having a completely integrated marketing stack. Signal, 2014


Almost 1 in 3 marketing execs report feeling stuck or impeded by their technology infrastructures. Signal, 2014


Only 45% of companies are taking advantage of lead nurturing capabilities in their marketing automation platform, including just 68% of best-in-class companies. Aberdeen Group, 2014


85% of B2B marketers who are using marketing automation platforms feel they’re not using them to their full potential. SiriusDecisions, 2014